Badminton rackets from Strings 'N' Things

When it comes to quality badminton rackets, Strings ‘N’ Things is the name you can trust. We serve customers in High Wycombe and the surrounding areas.

Racket supply

We carry a range of Yonex racquets, all at discounted prices. Japanese racquets are supplied as frames and the price quoted includes a re-string
in any Yonex string. We also have racquets from Karakal and Electre.

We have a range of rackets to suit every style of play and every budget.
If you need advice call in and ask Mark to show you through the range.
Those rackets marked with an Asterix (*) are sold as frames and the price quoted includes a
restring in your choice of Yonex string and tension.
We have a number of demo rackets that can be lent out for testing. Full details are available
on request.


Astrox Series
Astrox 100ZZ Dark Navy (3U/G4) £ 176.00*

Astrox 99 Sunshine Orange (4U/G4) £ 160.00*

Astrox 88D Ruby Red (4U/G4) £ 148.00*

Astrox 88S Emerald Green (4U/G4) £ 148.00*

Astrox 77 Metallic Blue (3U/G4) £ 140.00*

Astrox FB Navy/Orange (F5) £ 45.00

Astrox Smash Black/Orange (F4) £ 36.00

Astrox Smash Purple/Pink (F4) £ 36.00

Duora Series
Duora Z-Strike Black/White (3U/G4) £ 160.00*

Duora 10 Blue/Orange (3U/G4) £ 140.00*

Duora 7 Dark Gun (3U/G4) £ 128.00*

Voltric Series
Voltric FB Black/Blue (5U/G5) £ 148.00*

Voltric LD Force Crystal Red (3U/G4) £ 144.00*

Voltric 21DG Slim Dark Gun (3U/G4) £ 85.00

Voltric 8DG Slim Cyan (3U/G4) £ 54.00

Nanoflare Series
Nanoflare 700 Blue Green (5U/G5) £ 144.00*

Nanoflare 700 Red (4U/G4) £ 144.00*

Nanoflare 270 Red (4U/G4) £ 85.00

Arcsaber Series
Arcsaber 11 Metallic Red (3U/G4) £132.00*

Arcsaber Lite Black (4U/G4) £ 32.00


E880 MFX Blue/White £ 70.00
E850 HFX Red/White £ 60.00


BN60 Black £ 108.00
Black Zone 40 Black/Orange £ 40.00
Black Zone 20 Black/Green £ 40.00

Choose Strings 'N' Things for buying Yonex badminton rackets. Visit us today.