Racket stringing service in High Wycombe

For badminton, tennis, squash or racketball restringing, contact Strings ‘N’ Things today. We serve customers in High Wycombe and the surrounding areas.

All rackets are strung on one of our two electronic Yonex stringing machines.

Both machines have a six point mounting system which ensures that the racket is properly
supported throughout the stringing process and both are calibrated to be accurate to 0.5lbs
or 0.2kg.

Let us know when you need to have your racket back and we will do our best to get it ready
for you. Same day stringing is only available by agreement and, when available, comes with
a £2 surcharge.

All Racquets – 6-4-5 Offer
Have 5 racquets strung in any 12 month period
Pay full price for 5 and material cost only for the 6th
(terms and conditions apply)


Performance Strings

Yonex Aerobite Hybrid Red/White £22.00
Yonex Aerosonic 0.61mm White £21.00
Yonex Aerobite Boost Hybrid Yellow/Grey £21.00
Yonex BG66 Force 0.66mm White £21.00
Yonex BG80 Power 0.68mm Orange, White £21.00
Yonex EXB 65 0.65mm White, Yellow £21.00
Yonex NBG 98 0.66mm Gold £20.00
Yonex BG80 0.68mm White, Yellow, Blue, Pink £20.00
Yonex BG66UM 0.65mm White, Yellow £19.00


Durable Strings

Yonex NBG 95 0.69mm Gold £20.00
Yonex BG65Ti 0.70mm White, Red, Pink £18.00
Yonex BG65 0.70mm White, Blue £18.00
Yonex BG3 0.74mm White £16.00


Natural Gut

Babolat VS Touch 1.30mm Natural £47.00


Yonex TG850 Tour 1.32mm White £22.00
Babolat Synthetic Gut 1.33mm Natural £18.00


Babolat RPM Blast + VS Black £36.00
Ashaway Crossfire II Natural £22.00


Luxilon Alu Power Rough 1.25mm Silver £32.00
Yonex Poly Tour Air 1.25mm Blue £22.00
Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25mm Yellow £21.00


Ashaway Ultra Nick 1.25mm Green £27.00
Ashaway Power Nick 18 1.15mm Red £26.00
Technifibre 305 1.20mm Green £24.00
Ashaway Super Nick XL 1.25mm Red/Blue spiral £24.00
Bow Brand Synthetic Gut 1.28mm Natural £18.00


Ashaway Power Kill 17 1.25mm Red £24.00

All racquets

Labour only £14.00
Grommet Strips £12.00
Grips – fitting £2.00

Please ask for a quote for any string not listed.

Visit Strings 'N' Things for racket stringing services in High Wycombe.